Wednesday, July 23, 2008


AC update (I'm sure you're all dying to hear more on this topic) - turns out a power surge last week caused our AC to poop out (blew up the compressor somehow) which means a new AC unit is covered under our homeowner's insurance. Seriously brilliant stuff. Now instead of paying $3,400 for cool air, we only have to pay about $500 AND we are getting a much more energy efficient unit that will not only save us money in the summer but also in the winter. We can use the AC unit to pump out warm air during the cold months, so we'll only have to use our furnace during the really freezing cold months (i.e. January and February). According to our heating and cooling guy, we can make up the $1,000 difference between this model and the basic model in about 6 years (which will really only be about 3 years since we're only investing $500 into it). He's coming to install it tomorrow, so the heatwave around here will be over soon.

In other interesting household news, we're also getting three new toilets installed tomorrow afternoon which will end our seemingly endless problems with leaky, running, clogged, overflowing toilets.

Oh! And Dylan pooped on the potty today all by himself. What a day.


  1. Fantastic! I'm SO glad to hear that insurance covered the a/c unit! (And of course, I'm estatic that Dylan went #2 on the toilet!!! What a huge milestone!) Hope you guys are doing great!

  2. I'm overwhelmed. Hooray for the cool air and the new toilets for Dylan to continue pooping in!


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