Monday, June 30, 2008

Macker Time

Every summer we make the annual pilgrimage up to Ludington, so Matt can play in the Ludington Macker. We've gone every summer since we've been together which I just realized makes this past weekend our 11th trip (and Matt went for years and years before me during junior high and high school).

It was a pretty good weekend as far as Mackers go. It was freezing up there which is unusual because all of my other Macker memories involve me dripping with sweat. Mackers are usually breeding grounds for fights too but nothing too ugly this year (if you've ever been to a Macker, you know what I mean!) Matt's team (he played with his buddies Ross, Jon and Jim) ended up taking 3rd which seems really good to the average bystander, but I think they were a little frustrated because they thought they could have done better. We were also able to cheer on Chad's and Kyle's teams.

Dylan came with us both days and did very well for being a three year old. He loved all the basketball and the people, but he was a little tired and bored by the time we left. Ella stayed with my parents for two whole nights which was a lot for this Mommy to handle, but we all survived and were very happy to see each other again.

Matt's brother Brett is also home for the next week - him and Kara drove up to watch on Sunday. He'll be home for a week and then they will be flying back to CA next Sunday. Matt is playing in the 3-on-3 tournament in Grandville with Brett and Chad on the 4th of July and then basketball tournament season will be done...until next year.


  1. Has Matt ever won the Toilet Bowl trophy? It's almost worth losing for!!

  2. Matt hasn't but my brother's team actually won it this time. It's a nice looking piece of hardware! Dylan called it the potty trophy.


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