Saturday, June 21, 2008

Date Night!

Last night we enjoyed a very fun and relaxing date night with our friends Katie and Ernie. [Katie and I literally gasped when we saw each other - we usually see each other in our sweats and t-shirts with kid drool all over and we hardly recoginized each other all dressed up.] We ate dinner at The Melting Pot which we have wanted to try for some time now. The food was good (and also EXPENSIVE) but, no worries, because Katie and Ernie had gift certificates that they shared with us. The chocolate fondue was amazing. I'd definitely go back for that.

After dinner, we went to the BOB for a comedy show at Dr. Grins. That was my first time at an actual comedy show. The opening acts were horrible, but the headliner and the guy right before him were funny. Katie and Ernie had seen the comedian before - Pat Godwin - and it felt good to just laugh and laugh.

The kids spent the night with my parents last night so we could go on date night and because Matt's cousin Rachel is getting married today and we opted not to bring them along. She's getting married outside today in Grand Haven, so I hope the weather holds out for them.

1 comment:

  1. Oooh I love your hair!

    See you next week in Ludington, right?


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