Friday, May 25, 2007

Escape Artist

Today Dylan climbed out of his crib during naptime. Twice. It was really just a matter of time, but we still can't believe it. He got a big boy bed when Ella was born, but we had limited success when it came to actually getting him to sleep in it, so we decided to let him stay in his crib until he was really ready (I've read that most kids are ready for a bed closer to three anyway). He has never been much of a climber, so we never worried about him getting out of his crib. Until today. I got him to fall asleep in his bed this afternoon but laying down with him until he fell asleep, but I know we can't do that every day. Any ideas for keeping a kid in his crib/bed/room who doesn't want to stay there?

Showing off his big boy bed (too bad he doesn't actually want to sleep in it)


  1. i love his bedding - he looks like a pretty happy kid on his "big boy bed" - but he's just going to have to learn the good old-fashioned way (avoid bribery, etc.) We don't have this issue yet, of course, but I like SuperNanny's approach, because it really seems to work:

    1) first time out of bed, pick him up, put him in bed, "time to go to sleep" hugs and kisses, i love you, etc.

    2) second time out of bed, pick him up, put him in bed, "time to go to bed" (or whatever) but THAT'S ALL YOU SAY.

    3) third time, pick him up, put him in bed, say nothing, avoid eye contact. Sounds harsh, but it avoids the interaction he is trying to pull you into. Repeat as many times as necessary, he WILL give up eventually. The earlier you start this, before bad habits form, the better.

    Unfortunately once they can't be contained by the crib, they will test you to see what they can get away with. You just have to outlast him, which may take a lot of patience, but eventually he'll give up. I know our turn will come and it's going to be a lot of hard work, especially with a kid who is stubborn & persistent. GOOD LUCK!!! I'm sure he'll learn to love it soon enough :)

  2. Hi Katie (and family),

    So fun to be "catching up" via blogs!! I love the pictures!

    We have friends, whose little boy (now almost 3 years old) is also a climber. They got him a "canopy" for his crib. (I.E. a mesh netting that goes over the crib and zips on the outside so he can't get out - check Babies 'R Us Crib Tent.)
    They swear by it!

    Good luck


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