Sunday, January 2, 2011

miss mady

Mady has been a busy little girl lately! She went through a cranky month or two (teeth + frustration??) but we came out the other side in one piece and now her personality is really coming out. 

She started walking a day right around 13 months. She had been toying with the idea for a few weeks and finally took off one night. She still falls down a lot (her big brother and sister like to "help" her) but she is determined little girl and she's getting the hang of it.

She just started waving last week and we think it's about the cutest thing in the world and she's almost catching on to some baby signs (we try to do "more", "all done" and "please" plus "eat" and "drink" if we're's pretty low key but it makes mealtime a little happier).

We also experienced our first girl moment with her yesterday (I know, she's starting young). If you have a little girl or were ever a girl yourself, you know what I'm talking about. I was holding her after her nap and she was cranky. Matt walked in the door and started making silly faces to cheer her up. She tried her hardest not to crack a smile but Daddy was too funny so she smiled, instantly remembered she was supposed to be cranky, gave Daddy a dirty look, and collapsed into tears on my shoulder. Classic. 

For the most part, she is happy girl. She loves her heart blankey, her thumb, and her doggy (we lost him at the mall after Thanksgiving but Mommy found a good enough replacement for her stocking and all is good again.) We are getting glimpses of her personality, her sense of humor, and her sweet dance moves. We look forward to continuing to watch our Mady grow.

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