Monday, October 4, 2010

cold turkey

We are trying to kick our Pull-Ups-at-night habit around here (note: there is a reason why there haven't been many recent blog posts around here: this is as exciting as it gets around here).

Last Monday morning, somehow a Pull-Up exploded in our room as Dylan and Ella were doing their first-thing-in-the-morning-run-around-mom-and-dad's-room routine and I decided I had enough of the pee-filled chemical holders known as Pull-Ups. I made up a big speech about how they were big kids and we could do this and we were going to give away their Pull-Ups to other kids who need them. Poof. The Pull-Ups vanished from the hall closet and I vowed not to look back. Or at least give it a good week.

It's been a week and it's actually going better than expected. They have each had a couple of completely dry nights and a few "almost" nights. I think the most encouraging thing is that they actually seem to care - some of you have been the lucky recipients of sleeping-in-underwear updates by our dear children (if you see them on a morning when they were dry all night, they are going to tell you about it....just a warning.)

I have done a couple of late night sheet changings and a lot of extra wash this past week, but I haven't had to throw any wet Pull-Ups in the trash dumpster or fork over any more money at Target...and the grins on my kid's faces in the morning are priceless...all in all, I call it a success.


  1. I love it that they are so proud of themselves...a great confidence builder:) how are you going to spend all of your extra cash?


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