Tuesday, September 29, 2009

a boy and his cars

Dylan has been in love with cars pretty much from the beginning. It seems to be in his DNA (playing cars was one of Matt's favorite pastimes as a kid too) and he loves playing cars, talking about cars, looking at cars, etc. And he is crazy good at making engine sounds with his throat. We laugh because he has a daddy who works at a car dealership - what could be cooler than that for a kid who loves cars? His favorite TV channel is the Speed channel (featuring Nascar and other fine car related races almost 24/7) and he spends hours every day lining up and racing his Matchbox cars and "movie cars" (from Cars). I have gotten so used to stepping over little cities and racetracks he's put together all over our house that I don't even bother to have him put them away at night - they have just become part of the permanent landscape around here. We sure do love this little boy...and his cars :)

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