Thursday, July 9, 2009


So we're still processing the fact that we will have GIRLS (plural)! I have started thinking about their rooms and I have to admit I'm having a whole lot of fun. I mentioned before that I was thinking about moving Ella into the guest room and turning her room into the nursery but I have decided that is much too traumatic and not really all that necessary now that we know we're having a girl. And Matt is relieved because I'm not making him paint anything :)

I think I have found everything for Ella's new big girl room and I should be able to switch things over fairly painlessly. We are ordering her a new bed (she's in a toddler bed now and we will need the mattress for the crib soon), a tall dresser (not a lot of floor space in her room), and new bedding (but I found stuff that matches her paint color and her curtains). These pictures give you an idea...but her wall color is green, not pink, and the comforter will be the stripes you see in the pictures, not the flowers.
For the nursery, the wall color is a goldeny-yellow and our crib is light blue (that's what you get for having a boy first!). I picked up a dresser from Ikea last time I was there but it needs to be assembled - not something I'm looking forward to. Still looking for some inspiration in that room to pull it all together. Ignore the screaming baby below (isn't he cute though?) - it's the only picture of the crib I could find - and imagine a straw yellow on the walls. Let me know if you have any ideas!


  1. ...I was still under the impression that Ella was moving rooms...but she definitely set me straight about that last night! She told me "NO! This the baby's room, not Ella's"

  2. I love your ideas by the way! I'm sure Matt loves them even more (only because he doesn't have to paint)


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