Tuesday, March 3, 2009

we ♥ cars

Dylan loves cars. (If you know him personally, you know that is a bit of an understatement.) For a little boy like him, having a daddy in the car business is a dream come true. Dylan loves visiting Matt at work - he loves all the shiny new cars in the showroom, the car wash, the popcorn machine, and the model cars on Daddy's desk. Since he was about two and half years old, Dylan has been able to recognize and name every car in the Buick and Pontiac lines (what Matt sells). You haven't lived until you've heard a toddler say "Buick Lucerne." One extra bonus for Dylan about Daddy's work is playing with Uncle Chad. I think Uncle Chad actually has a job there, but every time I see him he's playing with his favorite/only nephew. Last week, Matt picked Dylan up from preschool and took him back to work with him for a little bit.

Who's having more fun here...Dylan or Uncle Chad?

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