Monday, May 5, 2008

bye bye Tory...

So my time with my Torrent (aka Tory) is coming to a close. The lease was officially up last week and we have to turn it in on Wednesday or they will come looking for us :). 27 months ago, Matt surprised me with this vehicle and it's been perfect for me and the kiddos. We are still (!) in the process of finding another vehicle to replace Tory. The lease deals aren't great right now, so we're looking at buying something used but when your husband is a car salesman, he tends to be a little picky. Our first choice is a Cadillac SRX (we'd really like a 7 passenger vehicle, but we're not ready to take the minivan plunge), so we're hoping to come across the right one soon!

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  1. Thanks again for going to Playworld! A little less mom-friendly than I thought it would be, but oh well :) On the topic of cars, I should have shown you ours! If you ever want to check out the Pilot, I absolutely love ours and it seats eight (three in the third row) and it isn't huge! Anyway... good luck with the search!


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