Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Wedding.

Kara and Brett's wedding was last night. Everything went pretty smoothly, but it was a busy day! The other 3/4's of my house is fast asleep right now :).

The kids were adorable in their wedding attire, but Ella was a little sick so she wasn't her usual self. We ended up walking down the aisle all together as a family because it wasn't looking like either of the kids were going to walk down by themselves. Ella ended up sleeping on Matt's mom during the ceremony and Dylan sat with my parents and Uncle Kyle and Aunt Michelle.

Dylan provided a little comic relief near the end of the ceremony - the plan was for the little kids to walk out in the recessional with Uncle Chad (the Maid of Honor was singing a solo), so the other little flower girl Sophie got up to walk with Chad and then Dylan suddenly dashed out of his pew and yelled "Uncle Chad!" because he thought he was getting left behind.

A BIG thanks to my parents and Kyle and Michelle for shuttling the kids around all day and entertaining them before, during and after the ceremony and reception.

I'll post a few pictures now but I was too busy to take a lot, so I'll post more later if some good ones trickle in from other people.
I stole this picture from the photographer's blog.
Kara and me at the hair salon - Innovations in Holland.
Mommy and Ella getting ready at the church.
The Terpstra family minus Kara and the kids - Brett and Kara didn't see each other before the ceremony.
Dylan with the other flower girl Sophie, hanging out in the gym at the church.
This is classic Matt - trying to get in on the Bride and Groom's picture in the limo.
My two precious little ones at the reception.

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