Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Bathroom Before & After's

We made some basic bathroom changes since we've moved in. Nothing involving a sledge hammer, but they make a big difference. In all three baths, we switched the carpet (ick) to linoleum or ceramic tile, added new bathroom fixtures (brushed nickel), installed new light fixtures (good bye brass), changed the mirrors, put in new countertops, backsplashs, and faucets (good bye 80's), and of course repainted them all. As you can see, I love blue in bathrooms and they all have the same basic materials (once I find something I like I stick with it!) and I wanted to keep things somewhat consistent throughout the house.

Master Bath Before

Master Bath After

Kids' Bath Before

Kids' Beth After
In the master bath and kids' bath, we put in this floor right after we moved in (actually the same floor we had in one of our bathroom's in our old house, so I knew I loved it!) Then a couple of months ago, I found this tile and knew right away it would be perfect in these bathrooms. It's funny to me how similar they are and they tie in the warm and cool tones in both bathrooms.
The tile.

1/2 Bath Before

1/2 Bath After

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  1. i love the tile backsplashes! all 3 bathrooms look a ton better (and they weren't even really *bad* before)!


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