Thursday, March 6, 2008

Eeek! A teenager!

Cara is staying with us right now while Matt's parents are in California visiting Brett, so we are currently the proud "parents" of a teenager. She stays with us every now and then when Mom and Dad T. go out of town and she's always fun to have around (she is one of those pleasant, friendly teenagers, not one of those hostile ones). It's just funny how different it is to have a teenager when I am used to the two little ones. Matt gets to pull himself out of bed at 7:15 and take her to school (life in our household doesn't usually start before 8:00...quote from Matt, "There's a whole world out there at 7:00...") and then I have to remember she'll be coming home at 3:00 and then figure out where she needs to be and when. Between school, cheerleading, youth group, and her friends she has quite the schedule. The kids love her, of course, so it's nice for me to have someone else around while Matt's at work.

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  1. What great practice! Hopefully Ella turns out to be as helpful and pleasant as Cara :) I was just thinking about how we still need to bring the kids to playworld (sorry, I completely forgot about it!). How does a Saturday in April sound?


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