Tuesday, June 19, 2007

We're in the game

We put our house on the market yesterday (*sigh*). Our realtor is actually on vacation this week, so we were going to wait until next week, but he said he could get it out there before he left. I figured I had at least this week (or longer) to clean my house and organize things before anyone would be coming through (we don't even have any pictures up yet).

I came home today at 2:30 with a message from Matt saying someone would be coming through at 5:30 (and the second call our realtor got on our house today too). I know three hours sounds like a long time to clean your house, but let me tell you that it definitely is NOT. I put the kids down for naps, made a frantic phone call to my mom (who was here in 10 minutes flat...thanks Mom), and turned into a cleaning machine. We got pretty much everything done, although I could have used another 20 minutes (and couldn't have done it without my mom).

While we were cleaning, I looked up and saw a couple driving slowly by our house taking pictures...not sure if they were the same people or not, but it's nice to have some interest. Hopefully, things won't be so crazy before every showing, but we won't complain. We would love continued prayer, especially that all the timing issues would work out. Thanks for your support!

Not sure about the first aid kit in this picture, but it might have come in handy today because I thought for a bit that I was having a heart attack.

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