Friday, October 14, 2011

{more} Ella-isms

Yesterday she says to me:

"I'd like a Zu Zu Pet."

"But you already have a Zu Zu Pet."

"No, I want a real Zu Zu Pet."

"Ohhhh, you want a hamster."


There is a boy in her class that told her he would like to marry her. 

To him I say: "As if you could even hope to keep up with her."


Her favorite cheer complete with her own sassy moves:

"Eagles got the muscle. Let's show them how to hustle.

Hut hut hut, say what? Hut hut hut, OK!"


Excited about our upcoming vacation to an all-inclusive resort,

she told her pre-K teacher today:

"I'm going to drink a hundred Pina Coladas."


Caption to the above photo:

"What's up, dudes?"


Our spunky, funny, smart, pretty, precious Ella.

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