Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Our neighbors have a puppy named Lucy. Five months ago Lucy was a tiny furball and now Lucy, while still a puppy, looks more like a DOG. Sometimes she likes to come across the street when she sees the kids outside playing. This sends Ella into hysterics - for whatever reason she is terrified of Lucy (apparently we haven't done enough to expose our "we-'re-not-dog-people" kids to pets along the way).

A couple of days ago Ella is shrieking and crying to Matt in the driveway about Lucy's latest visit. Matt gets down on her level, looks her in the eye, and says, "You don't need to be scared of Lucy - she's just a puppy."

And Ella, still crying, says, "Yeah, but she's a puppy *sniffle* that just keeps getting bigger."

Today I'm driving the girls down the road after dropping Dylan off at school. Ella is looking out the window and (I'm guessing) taking in the morning sunshine and snow covered fields. I hear her say to herself, "I wonder how God and Jesus made everything." 

Before I can open my mouth to answer, she adds, "They probably had a magic wand or something."

Ella has testing coming up in March for Pre-K/Kindergarten. We already know we would like her to do Pre-K next year (she has a November birthday) but it's required by the school anyway. I remember when I took Dylan in two years ago they gave me his evaluation sheet at the end. One of the sections he didn't know all the answers to were labeling some more obscure body parts (heels, jaw, hips, etc.) 

Out of curiousity, I asked Ella if she knew where her hips were. She looked at me, placed her little hands one on each hip, tossed her hair back, and smiled. 

Of course. Our little diva.


  1. ella-isms- should have it's own category in the dictionary with her picture by it's side:)

  2. She's a gem alright...some day we'll tell her she's a "just a little girl who keeps growing up"!

  3. I think your little Ella and my little Abbie could have some real princess/fairy/Jesus fun together. I love how to them, anything wonderful and amazing has to be associated with one of those. It just has to.


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