Thursday, February 25, 2010

the winter blahs

It's winter in Michigan in case you haven't noticed. (I'm realizing winter was more fun before I had three little ones to drag through the slush every time I need a gallon of milk.) To keep busy, there has been a lot of fort building, Curious George watching, and Mom yelling, um I mean politely stating, "PLEASE. STOP. RUNNING. INSIDE."

I will say this winter is moving along better than last winter - two out of three kids being able to put on shoes and coats by themselves is wonderful. (Almost as good as the day the baby learns to go up and down the steps by herself and you can finally take the baby gate down. Such freedom.) I also am able to toss the two big ones out in the snow every day around 4pm when the neighbor kids get off the bus. It really is the simple things that get me through the day.

Here are a few pictures of the kids. Mady and Dylan enjoying a morning snuggle in our bed - it's starting to become a morning ritual to have kids coming and going through our room in the morning as we all try to get ready for the day. It's so cute how Mady lights up when she sees her big brother.
Crazy little Ella. She's becoming quite the diva. She found my sunglasses and jewelry the other day and she was ready to accessorize. It seems like we shake our heads in wonder at her many times through out the day. She is such a little wonder.
Sisters - I think they were watching figure skating with me (I DVR the Olympics and catch up during the day). Have I mentioned how much I love having little girls??
Fort building at its finest.
Precious little Mady, all clean after a bath following The Great Poop of 2010.
I hope you are all surviving winter too. Just remember, it's almost March, it's almost March, it's almost March. Only three more months of snow and five more months before the temperature hits 70!


I hope.

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  1. A few comments:
    1. Dylan looks equally as "lit up" as his baby sister.
    2. Ella is really tall. Yes? If so, I can point you two in the direction of some great (and reasonably priced) "talls," when the day comes.
    3. Mady's eyes. Beautiful!
    P.S. Nat is away tonight and I just took Abbie from her bed and put her in mine. I bet if I blogged about it, you'd have a comment:-)


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