Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Today was strawberry day! We went and picked at DeLange's this morning - I think it's a little early in the season but the picking was still pretty good and the berries are really big this year (if you haven't gone yet, it sounds like later this week and early next week are good times to go). We got a lot of jam done before lunch and then we finished up with some whole and mashed berries for the freezer in the afternoon. Ella was in fruit heaven - she is our little fruit eater.

Ella and Katie (aka Uncle Chad's girlfriend) with a GIANT strawberry.
My jam! I am so happy to have the freezer restocked and I'm hoping this will get us through until next summer since PB&J's are a staple around here!


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  2. That's fantastic! I wish I knew how to make jam, I imagine it tastes a lot better than store bought! Maybe I'll teach myself when I'm home more :)


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