Friday, October 10, 2008

@ the farm with MOPS

Today we went to Post Family Farm with the MOPS group I'm in this year. I had the option to leave Ella at home (Matt has today off), but somehow I thought it would be fun for her. The collage above illustrates all the different kinds of "fun" she had today. If you look closely, she's pretty unhappy in all the pictures. We did actually have a good time (mostly because I am able to laugh at situations like this instead of cry) but it was exhausting hauling/herding two kids and a bag of pumpkins around all morning.

The collage below contains some happier shots (although they are almost all slightly terrible pictures in one way or another). We were with our friends Katie and Xavier and one (of the many) reasons why I love her so much is that we just laugh our way through life, chase each others kids, and when all else fails, we eat - and today our treat was homemade pumpkin donuts :)


  1. I LOVE Ella's sneer in the upper right pic! Too cute. :)

  2. We should all have a friend like that!!


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