Tuesday, December 11, 2007

fun with craigslist

We just sold our fourth item on craigslist last night (we also sold a mirror and our old fridge and stove a few weeks ago). This really nice young couple came last night to look at our old TV (Matt just upgraded to a plasma) and they decided they wanted it. The problem is that this TV weighs about 300 lbs. - that might a be slight exageration but not by much - and Matt wasn't home so it was up to me and this nice couple to get it into the back of their Envoy.

So we've got an insanely heavy TV, two small children underfoot, only one grown man, and about 20 feet to move this TV. We got it out of the dining room and around the corner and then realized the back of their car wasn't open yet. She went to open it and out LEAPED two huge dogs. Like leaped the way you see dogs leap in movies. They came flying over the back seat and into our house which, incidentally, is very good for running around in circles because all of the rooms connect, so run in circles they did.

So now we have an insanely heavy TV partially resting on a bench and partially resting on the grown man, two huge dogs running in circles around my house followed by the girl chasing them, plus now my children are crying because they're somewhat frightened by large dogs, especially the kind that leap into your house with no warning.

Eventually, we got the dogs in the car, the TV in the car, and only did minor damage to our walls, which Matt fixed up after work with a little spackle and touch up paint. We were all laughing hysterically pretty much the entire time too because it was all just that ridiculous and funny. They really were a nice couple though, and I feel like we could be friends if we met under different circumstances...maybe I'll email them back and see how the new TV's working out for them and invite them (minus the dogs) over for dinner :).

The End.


  1. Too funny! I needed that laugh! Too bad we didn't know you were selling your TV cause we need another one. Oh well, it gives Nate a purpose to check out every TV that has ever been made and find the best deal. ;)

  2. You wouldn't have wanted ours - it was way too heavy :)

  3. This is so funny... partly because I am picturing it in my head and partly because Jim also upgraded to a new TV and I think the same thing may happen to him. Jim is going to pick up the new TV at Sears tonight by myself because I have something. Our current TV also weighs approximately 300 pounds. Sooo, he has to move that out of the living room by himself and put in the new one by himself... ooh man...

  4. Oh my...that is too funny. How did you not mention this when we were at Beaners? I needed the laugh. Thanks! Bethany


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