Monday, March 29, 2010

Dilly Man

Our little man isn't so little any more. We are, of course, happy he is strong and healthy but this momma sometimes misses that little baby boy. Dylan is busy riding his scooter, shooting hoops, drawing race cars and beating us at Sorry. I asked him if he'd like me to sign him up for soccer or t-ball this spring and he told me he would like me to sign him up to drive race cars. (Still looking for the sign-ups for that.) It's hard to believe he will be heading off for Kindergarten this fall and we'll have to figure out buses and school lunches and all the rest of it - I'm sure it will be a harder transition for me than for him. He loves his little sisters (although sometimes he has a funny way of showing his love for Ella ;) ) and he knows most of the lyrics to U2's "Elevation". He likes talking cars with Matt and asking us is-this-number-bigger-than-that-number questions. He's such a big boy in so many ways but he'll always be my first baby in my heart.

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