Monday, February 4, 2008

Play to Learn

In my search for new, cheap, age-appropriate, and fun activities for the kids, I came across Play to Learn which is a program sponsored by the Early Childhood program at Hudsonville Public Schools. They hold a couple of play groups each month along with a literacy group (aka story time) and a Mommy and Me group (for babies 6-18 months).

We went to a play group this morning and it was great because I could take both kids with me and there were lots of different things for them to do, like painting and playing store. We also got to hang our with our blogging buddies Mindy and Lucy which was fun. The playgroup was held at Bauer Elementary which is where the kids will go to elementary school, so it was nice to see the school and begin to get familiar with it.

I am definitely not one who loves new situations, but today was a good venture outside of our comfort zone. Tomorrow, we have a playdate with my cousin Kristin and her two boys who just moved back to the area from New York...good bye Cabin Fever :)

Information on play groups sponsored by Hudsonville Public Schools
Information on play groups sponsored by Ottawa ISD (includes Allendale, Hudsonville, Jenison, Zeeland, etc.)

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