Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Princess Moonka

Yes, you read that right, we call her Moonka (Moo-nka, not monkey, like Jalen thinks). Sometimes it's Moonks or Moonkeys (long "o") or even Toonks - it doesn't matter what the variation, it's always the same spunky, blond-haired little girl we're referring to. I hardly remember when it started but I think I recall her crawling around our new-to-us house as a baby with determination set on her brow and Matt calling her Princess Moonka Moonka. Funny how nicknames stick.

The other night Dylan was with my parents for the evening, so we decided to go out for Chinese - after all, we only had two kids (funny how your perspective changes through the years). Since Mady hasn't yet mastered the art of conversation, Matt and I were able to have some one-on-one conversations with our Ella. On the way home, we asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up. In her sweet little matter of fact voice she told us, "I'm going to have a house...and a baby...and then I will push the itty bitty buttons on the c'puter. And have a cat. But not a dog."

There you have it. Dear, sweet Ella, we can't wait to see who you continue to become!

1 comment:

  1. oh...you guys can stop with the growing up thing...I'm a mess! Love this little girl too.


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