Thursday, April 5, 2012

Craft Night: Accomplish It April

{Printable from Funky Polkadot Giraffe...more colors available}

We dubbed April's craft night Accomplish It April {pinboard}, and looking back on last night, I think the main things we accomplished were wine drinking and chocolate cake eating. {Happy birthday, Rachel!}

We did leave with a few takeaways - Kara worked on owl art, Lisa crafted a new necklace, Tami sewed fabric door jammers, Theresa created some flowers for her new launch {a complete "friend love" post coming soon}, and KMac and I laughed our way through some yarn pom pom flower making.

The fact that I barely paused to snap any pictures means I was very busy snipping yarn and stuffing my face with Amy's flourless chocolate cake.

{Pinspiration from My Simple Home Life}
Please excuse the lack of finish work. 
I still need to hot glue my poms on & trim my wire stems.

There are a zillion and one yarn pom pom tutorials out there {including here, here, and here} and it's fairly fool proof - although I had a couple poms end up in the reject pile, so what does that tell you about my crafting IQ?

Two tips: 
1) Make sure you tie your extra piece of yarn around the outside of your yarn ball* - not the inside, like I was doing at first.
*I would take a picture for you to illustrate but I am much too lazy.
2) Keep the faith that your little yarn poof will eventually take shape. It might look a little wonky at first but put on your hairdresser hat and keep trimming until it looks round and fluffy.

A perfect spot for some spring-y, yarn-y poms.

Post pom-ing, I also did a little shopping courtesy of Kara's Rylee's Collection hair accessory stash for three little baby girls of college pals (Go Hope!). Ayla Grace entered the world this week, and the other two little ones are due towards the end of May.

In the end, I call this month's social hour craft night another rousing success (good food, great friends, and a dash of hands can you lose??)  

And now I'm off to starting pinning and plotting for May's creative soiree.

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  1. Looks like fun! Those pom-poms could be made for so many different occasions.

    I really want to do a Pinterest Project Party where everybody brings their project to work on. I'm waiting for this Seattle weather to clear up a bit so that spray paint could be involved. :)

  2. I just got a nice big order from Rylee's in the mail. Love, love, love her stuff!

    1. Yes, she told me you had just placed an order! Fun!

  3. I love these!! So fun and festive!

    I'll be featuring this later today! Thanks so much for linking up!!


  4. Cute.. Love the printable and pom poms.. :)
    Thanks for linking up at friday fun party!

  5. How fun! I want to do a craft night! Your poms came out great Katie :)

    Thanks for linking up last week. Im sharing this on my facebook and twitter, so make sure to grab a featured button tomorrow!


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