Friday, March 2, 2012 {leap list, part II}

My apologies if you're not into the Instagram-ing thing, but right now, it seems to be the easiest way for me to catch the daily details. We are in the beginning stages of camera shopping (our first SLR might be on the horizon!) and then perhaps I will be excited to snap pictures with something other than my iPhone.

Until then..hang tight.

Here is the second half of my {mini} leap list, first mentioned about 2 1/2 weeks ago (first half here). I was hoping to have all nine items done by Leap Day and I came pretty darn close. Eight of the nine were completed in time, and I just finished up #9 today.

First up:
Mady's Pinterest-inspired, Ikea-hack, spice racks turned bookshelves.
I love this new little reading nook 
(it's in the corner of her room beneath two windows). 
Great light, comfy pillows, and toddler-appropriate reading material.
What's not to love?

Next up: conquering a new picture wall for Mady.
This Expedit shelf is new too, and it would have looked better staged if my two-year-old assistant hadn't walked off with the cute toy that usually resides in cubby #1.
I'm a recovering perfectionist, however, so I'm letting it go.

Again, like with Ella's collage wall, the frames were all re-purposed, the printables were free {owlbirdslovechild of God}
the tree is from Hobby Lobby
the newborn photo is courtesy of the fabulous Mindy Leigh
and the 'M' was handmade with love by yours truly.
It's a work in progress, but finished is better than perfect.

My {actual} Leap Day project was this bucket of cute, girly fabric-wrapped balls (first attempted here). I love how they bring an extra pop of color and personality into the room.

Truthfully, it seemed like a lot of effort at the time for a five-year-old's room, but it only took me a couple of hours to whip them up and after taking a step back, I realize that I do really love them. 
Also, being the mom to little girls is an honor and a privilege, and I'm going to take full advantage of my right to do frivolous, pink (!) things on their behalf.

Lastly, here is the final member of my {mini} leap list.
D & E are at the age where we need to start teaching them a little bit more about money and how to handle it. I was looking for a simple way to help them be more intentional about their spending habits. I first spotted this idea at Lil Light O' Mine

I found this DIY version (dollar store jars!) and went to work. 
I made more homemade chalkboard labels and Mod Podged strips of paper to pretty them up.

* * * * *

Long story short, this has been quite the spurt of crafting for me. The key (for me) has been to pick simple crafts with lots of meaning. It's been extra fun doing projects for the kids because they are eating it up.

Time to rest up. Craft Night {Make It For Them March} is right around the corner!

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  1. I think 8 out of 9 is pretty darn good! You are such an inspiration! Lovin' those bookshelves! Can't wait to try out some of your projects!

  2. Thanks for sharing on The Weekly Round-up.

  3. These are all great ideas! I love those give save spend jars. I found your blog through the Tatertots & Jello link party, and I'm excited to explore your blog. Megan

  4. Just beautiful - love the colors! I am inspired to do my daughter's room now thanks to this! And the owl is just a great touch! I would love for you to stop over and link up to my party which is happening NOW! I would love to have you!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  5. This is adorable! I love the little fabric tree.. soo stinkin cute!

  6. Cute! I also really like the money jars. Great idea!

  7. I LOVE all your projects, Katie! My favourite is that wall - I'm SOO inspired. We're getting the twins' beds in the next two weeks and this is perfect (!) inspiration for me.

    I'm also a recovering perfectionist so simple crafts are the way to go to give me a burst of creativity but not so complex I'm tempted to abandon it.

  8. I love your instagrams and all of the love you pour into your creations! Nicely done:)

  9. Hi Katie! I'm So Excited to tell you that I am Giving you a Liebster Award for your Awesome blog. Please click on over for the details:) Big Congrats! You Deserve it!
    Stay Fashionable! Love,Candy

  10. These are such great ideas! I would love for you to Link up at my Linky Party via:

    Ps: I am your newest Linky Follower!

    Mrs. Delightful

  11. I love the colrs and your gallery wall - great job! Check back tomorrow for may just be there! Thank you for linking up to my Creative Inspirations party - I am so glad you came by! I would love for you to come back this week to link up again!
    Stacey of Embracing Changee

  12. I love your picture wall for Mady- its adorable! I just had my some back in November and its sad to say there is NOTHING on his walls. This was something that I thought about doing over the changing dresser. Thank you for the inspiration!!


  13. Great rooms - and I love instagrams, even though I have DSLR camera, too! Your blog is gorgeous! And, I pinned the fabric-covered decor balls because I was just wondering the other day what I was going to do with all the fabric strips I have left over from making fabric tape. Now I know!

  14. There's pretty much NOTHING on this page I don't adore. Seriously!! I've pinned your bookshelves for future reference and I'll be featuring your girly-fied balls tomorrow. Little girls are only little girls for a short time, why not pink it up while you can (my theory, at least!!) :)

  15. WOW! Such a great idea to have a Leap List! I can't believe how much you accomplished! I'm featuring you tomorrow :)

  16. This is such a darling room! I think my favorite part is the gallery wall - such wonderful touches! Thanks for linking up to my Room Evolution party!

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